About Us

WODA CORP. – Global supplier and producer of mineral water in the Russian Federation. The main activities of the company are production, transportation, storage and sale of mineral water.

WODA CORP. sees its mission in reliable, effective and balanced customers’ provision of mineral water and other types of water resources.

The strategic goal is the establishment for WODA CORP. as a leader among global producers of mineral water through diversification of sales markets, ensuring the reliability of supplies, increasing the efficiency of operations.

WODA CORP. has the world’s largest reserve of mineral water in the Russian Federation.

Currently, the company is actively implementing large-scale projects to develop markets in Africa.

WODA CORP. is the largest producer and exporter of mineral water in Russia.

Company WODA CORP. is one of the five largest producers of mineral water in Russia. Also it owns the largest generating assets in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Company name

Full – Closed Joint-Stock Company “WODA CORPORATION”

Abridged version – WODA CORP.